Zero waste features 5️⃣ principles to help balance our development with the potential of our planet 🌏. These are:

???? Refuse: giving up unnecessary items such as straws or leaflets, as well as those that have been produced to the detriment of the environment

???? Limit: use only as much resources as you really need

???? Reuse: Giving up single-use items in favor of reusable ones

???? Segregate and Recycle: Recycle and turn old items into something useful

???? Compost: converting organic waste into fertilizer or energy, and selecting those products that are suitable for it

For our “Zero waste” game, we have created challenges that will help players take care of the environment in an interesting and natural way in the spirit of these rules; but not only - we have also included tasks and information related to the most important problems of the present ecology, which we, as humanity, have a duty to solve.

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