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Work in mode online it's not a problem. Our application will be perfect during a pandemic. We will motivate and help you build new competences, healthy habits and we will measure the results on an ongoing basis.

We use:

What will you gain from gamification?

Greater motivation, greater sense of belonging to the company, trained employees, better image, more sales and positive experiences. You choose - each goal can be gamified 🙂

What gamification mechanisms do we offer?

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Engagement strategies
and gamification in companies

We create incentive programs and strategies supporting the achievement of business goals, e.g. building new competences, team building, training, implementing a new strategy or increasing employee / customer engagement.

Loyalty applications
and sales

We increase sales and focus on building brand ambassadors in loyalty programs. We strive to make sellers / customers recommend products to their friends and make the sale a pleasure.

Training applications
and event

We improve the process of acquiring knowledge, engage participants during events and conferences. We offer a tool that integrates participants online and offline, feedback for speakers and evaluation of conferences in the application.

Wellbeing programs
and ecological

We specialize in creating wellbeing programs for companies and introducing sustainable development of companies and lifestyle based on Zero Waste, which strengthen Employer Branding and CSR activities.

Services for business and individual clients

We also offer business consulting, training and workshops for companies, corporate events based on gamification, and audits of IT processes in the organization.


Dedicated application design or service

Do you have an idea for your own mobile or web application project? Do you want to implement an online team building tool for your employees? Contact us, we will create a tailor-made project for you.

We support motivation with modern technology

check what distinguishes our applications


Modern and minimalist layout - a possibility layout adjustments for visual identification of a company or event


We are an flexible. An infinite number of modules to create, which we will adapt to the client's needs.

GDPR COMPLIANCE and security

Our apps are safe and fully GDPR checked.


The application works on Android and can be downloaded from Google Play.


The application works on iOS and can be downloaded from the App store.


Help desk, technical service
and maintenance of the application on the server
included in the service price.

Technologies we use


React Native and JS

Java Script


What does the creation process look like?


First meeting

We get to know your vision, carefully examine your needs and get an initial brief from you, our neurotransmitters are activated and your imagination runs wild.

March 11, 2014
March 11, 2014

Offer and pricing

We are working on your offer and quote. We send you our proposal and wait for your decision 😊

November 15st
November 15st

Get Ready!

Time for concept workshops, where we work together to refine the final concept. After the workshop, we send the final visualization of the application with a description of the functionality and we wait for the green light for developers.


Work on the project

Phew .. now the most important thing, your application is in our hands - we prototype, add modules, functions, test and code your application.



Your dream application is ready to be implemented in your organization!


We support and take care of its proper functioning

The application has landed on the server and is ready to work, you do not have to worry about its optimization, license and updates, we have everything under control 😊

Why is it worth working with us?

We have business experience

Companies in our industry are most often companies founded by programmers who, as game enthusiasts, first created the tool. We started with building a method, and its improvements took over 6 years. Only when we were sure that our method worked, we built the tool.

We act fast

We deliver our solutions in a shorter time than the market offers, because we believe that if a company has a challenge and goals (including KPI) to achieve, it should act as soon as possible to meet them as soon as possible. We simplify formalities, we operate lean, our processes are as fast as 8 😉 warp speed

We are flexible

Implementation of a new company strategy based on gamification? Team building online? Or maybe the Zero Waste challenge for employees? Our projects are tailored to the specificity and needs of the company, and the multi-modularity of our solutions means that we are able to implement any project idea.

We have a broad perspective

Our projects are co-created not only by programmers, testers and graphic designers, but also business psychologists, mentors and industry experts. We create projects effectively engaging from various perspectives and ensuring the highest quality of content.

We use proven methods

We see a lot of power in the use of mobile applications in incentive programs, but the tool itself will not engage people, you need a proven method. As a result of many years of research in companies and non-profit organizations, we have built a proprietary method of the most effective involvement of employees and customers.

We provide comprehensive service

We will adapt the form of cooperation to your needs, time and budget. If you want to operate the application yourself, no problem, but if you want it to be on our side…. sleep well - we'll take care of it 🙂 

We like the data, and the numbers don't lie

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Years of specialization in gamification
Years of business experience

Experience built on trust

What our clients say about us?

The Wellbeing Challenge game was engaging and inspiring to change. The various tasks aroused curiosity, enthusiasm and motivated to act. In addition to having fun, which in itself gives satisfaction, there is a feeling that during the game you are doing something important because you care about your health, relationships, meaning in life, thus you feel that you have a real impact on your well-being. I recommend and I am convinced that wellbeing affects commitment and productivity, so it pays off.
dr Katarzyna Kulig- Moscow
Banking college, Wrocław
The solution in the form of a mobile application with elements of gamification proposed by Grywit was a bull's eye. Thanks to the application, it was possible to engage and motivate the participants to implement pro-ecological challenges that had a positive impact on our environment. We strongly recommend cooperation with Grywit and we look forward to further pro-social initiatives.
Karolina Matuszewska

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