Do you have challenges with the efficiency of your employees? Do you want to implement healthy or green habits among them? Do you want to have more loyal customers? Do you want to engage your event attendees more?

If the answer to at least one question is YES then you are welcome to cooperate with us!

We offer development programs and mobile apps that use positive psychology and mechanisms known from games (gamification, gamification) to engage people and help achieve your goals.


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Our guarantees

We are in media

Experience built on trust

Motivation is supported by modern technology


React Native i JS

Java Script



Modern and minimalist layout - possibility to adapt the layout to the visual identity of the company or event


We are flexible. Infinite number of modules to create, which we will adapt to your needs.

RODO COMPLIANCE and security

Our applications are secure and fully vetted for RODO.


The application runs on Android and can be downloaded from Google Play.


The application runs on iOS and is available for download in the App Store.


Help desk, technical support and application maintenance on the server included in the service price.

We like data, and numbers don't lie

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Realized gamification projects
Years of specialization in gamification
Years of experience in business

Our solutions for your business

We will motivate, help build new competencies,
healthy habits
and measure the results on an ongoing basis.

We use:

What do you gain from gamification?

Greater motivation and knowledge of your audience, a greater sense of belonging to the organization, a better image, more sales and a positive atmosphere. You choose - any goal we can help you achieve!

What gamification mechanisms do we offer?

What do our customers say about us?

Why should you work with us?

We have experience in business

Companies in our industry are usually companies founded by programmers who, as game enthusiasts, created the tool in the first place. We started by building a method, and it took more than 6 years to improve it. Only after we were sure that our method worked did we build the tool.

We act fast

We deliver our solutions in less time than the market offers, because we believe that if a company has a challenge and goals (including KPIs) to achieve, it should act as quickly as possible to meet them. We simplify the paperwork, we operate lean, our processes are as fast as warp 8 speed 😉

We are flexible

Implementing a new company strategy based on gamification? Team building in online mode? Or maybe a Zero Waste challenge for employees? We tailor our projects to the specifics and needs of the company, and the multi-modularity of our solutions makes us capable of implementing any project idea.

We have a broad perspective

Our projects are co-created not only by programmers, testers or graphic designers, but also business psychologists, mentors and industry experts. We create projects by effectively engaging from different perspectives and ensuring the highest quality content.

We use proven methods

We see great power in the use of mobile apps in incentive programs, but a tool alone will not engage people, you need a proven method to do so. As a result of years of research in companies and nonprofit organizations, we have built a proprietary method to most effectively engage employees and customers.

Obsługujemy kompleksowo

We will adapt the form of cooperation to your needs, time and budget possibilities. If you want to handle the application yourself, no problem, but if you want it on our side…. sleep soundly – we will take care of it 🙂

Do you have questions? Do you want to create your dream project with us?


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