Our Wellbeing programme is comprehensive, measurable and supports ESG activities in organisations.

The programme is supported by a mobile app, a personalised change motivator that includes, in addition to physical activity, support for mental health, development, healthy eating or building relationships through mutual appreciation.

We are changing habits and building a healthy and sustainable working environment.

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What modules does the application include?


Most of the tasks in this category are devoted to nutrition. From healthy substitutes to forming beneficial eating habits, tasks in this category provide a foundation for building a healthy lifestyle.


There are simple tasks to perform at home that help keep the body in shape with little effort and time, for example, plank, chair, neck and neck massage.


In this module you will find tasks aimed at covering specific distances on a regular or timed basis in selected physical activities.

Courses with experts

In this module you will find meetings with our experts, special tasks, and testing users' knowledge through quizzes and knowledge tests.


A module in which we motivate self-development (including changing habits, working on managing one's time), taking care of one's mental well-being, resting and maintaining a work-life balance.


We know how important it is to appreciate each other, so each participant will have the opportunity to give others positive feedback and a certain amount of points to help them reach higher levels.


A module in which you can earn various types of incentive badges for earning points, being active in the app and regularly completing tasks.

The Wellbeing Champion is a challenge for company employees to build healthy habits and take care of wellbeing through a gamification mechanism.

We believe that work, where we spend a lot of time, whether we work from the office or from our own homes, can be a place that is friendly to our health, fitness and wellbeing. This requires some effort and motivation, but the benefit is priceless – healthy and satisfied employees mean more efficient and effective work, and, in the process, an opportunity to build a positive employer image.

The Wellbeing Challenge builds health-promoting habits and motivates employees to take care of their wellbeing, supports effective remote time management and encourages regular appreciation of other co-workers. Better employee wellbeing, improved productivity at work, which will translate into reduced sick leave especially long-term sick leave.

We have received two certificates from the Wellbeing Institute for our gamification system that supports wellbeing and wellbeing practices

Real challenges

We want the challenges to make a real difference in behavior change, so we carefully select the tasks together with our specialists and grade their difficulty so that employees don’t get discouraged quickly.

Motivation through gamification

The app will encourage you to take on a challenge every day, and thanks to the use of gamification mechanisms that engage you to perform tasks in the real world, the implementation of new habits will be fun and effective.

Building a positive image

The Wellbeing Challenge supports Employer Branding activities inside and outside the organization and can be an additional benefit for employees. We like to help, so as part of our challenge there is an opportunity to collect points for various charitable causes. The exact purpose and budget is to be determined.

Improve mental and physical fitness and regulate working hours

Increase the employee’s sense of stability and attachment, which results in greater commitment to daily work, thus positively increasing the company’s performance. Increased energy and better regulation of working time, thanks to challenges in time management and priority building.

What does the challenge look like in practice?

We led the wellbeing program “Tournament for Health” for employees at Veolia Group. We activated employees to take health-promoting actions and change their habits, thanks to gamification. Want to see how we did it? Watch the video below made by our client!

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How long can the challenge last?

3 month

This is the minimum duration of the project - allowing you to build new habits and take full advantage of the app's capabilities and range of different tasks.

More than 3 months

If 3 months is not enough we can create a project for you with a longer time frame - six months or even a year.

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