The ESG Eco Challenge is designed to help the company and employees introduce green habits and sustainable lifestyles. Our challenges help users take care of ESG requirements in an interesting and natural way, especially in the era of EU requirements.
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What modules does the application include?

story board

In this module there is a mock-up (virtual board), Each participant starts at the same level of the board, while with the acquisition of a certain point level (performing tasks) from the board disappear garbage and new elements and information appear, i.e. interesting facts related to Zero Waste and ecology.

save resources

Here you will find all the tasks that involve taking care of the Earth's natural resources, Challenges in this category were created based on sound knowledge of the exploitation of our planet; they address, among other things, the water crisis, massive logging, soil degradation or the extinction of animal species due to the inflexibility of the mainstream economy.


waste reduce

Here you will find challenges that encourage what most of us think of when we talk about zero waste. Tasks in this category include changing behavior to one that generates less pollution or just one that naturally becomes part of the ecosystem.

get knowledge

This is a special category, because all the tasks are one-time only - they consist only of reading educational materials, which are in the form of articles, in which we present reliable knowledge about the environmental threats of the modern world. After reading the material, participants in the challenge will face a quiz to test their knowledge.

act for planet

In this module you can find tasks that involve taking more active care of the environment, as well as those that naturally, but more indirectly, contribute to reducing resource consumption and waste generation. There are also interesting hints and tips on how we can be more environmentally friendly on a daily basis.

The ESG ECO Challenge is designed to help the company and employees introduce green habits and sustainable lifestyles by building new habits through gamification implemented in a mobile app. Create a world without waste and care about ecology together with us.

Our goal is to introduce green and sustainable lifestyles among employees. Employees’ expectations of the workplace are changing with the next generation. The definition of comfortable working conditions is increasingly linked to the lifestyles that employees prefer and the values they hold. Increasingly among these values are issues of conscious, balanced living and environmental protection.

Our challenges help to take care of the environment in an interesting and natural way in the spirit of the 5Rs and Zero Waste principles. At the heart of the entire gamification are the challenge modules, in which we include all pro-environmental tasks. We have also included educational materials related to the most important problems that modern environmentalists face and that we as humanity have to deal with today, as well as interesting solutions that can be applied on a daily basis.

ISO 14001

Our ESG ECO Challenge program
can help you meet the ISO 14001 standard

What does the challenge look like in practice?

We led an environmental program for employees at the Veolia Group. We activated employees to take ecological actions and introduce principles in line with Zero Waste lifestyle through gamification. Want to see how we did it? Watch the video below made by our client!

How long can the challenge last?

1 month

The monthly challenge is an ideal solution for shorter employee engagement, joint integration and fun for the noble cause of protecting the planet. It's also a good opportunity to see if this type of solution will work for your organization. A short challenge would work well for an Earth Day event, for example.

3 months

In 3 months we are already able to instill new habits. A 3-month challenge is a good idea to get employees more immersed in the topic of Zero Waste and protecting the planet. Such a challenge can already be accompanied by slightly more valuable rewards to increase motivation!

Any time

Chcesz zorganizować challenge w innym wymiarze czasowym? Napisz do nas, a na pewno stworzymy dla Ciebie ciekawy program na odpowiadającą Ci długość. A jeśli chcesz wprowadzić Zero Waste na stałe do firmy i zależy Ci na zrównoważonym rozwoju zachęcamy do sprawdzenia naszego programu ESG Eco Challenge, który na pewno sprosta Twoim potrzebom.

Additional activities in the ESG area

Plan of action

We can help you create
an ESG action plan

Formal and legal analysis
in terms of ESG

double materiality

Formal analysis of the company in terms of ESG requirements and presentation of the results

carbon footprint

Calculation of carbon footprint
in scope 1, 2 and 3

build the habbits

Educate employees/customers/suppliers and build proper ESG habits with the help of a dedicated app

Preparation for verification of calculations by the qualification person

Assistance in the implementation of ISO standards

ISO 9001 and/or ISO 14001
and/or ISO 45001

Assistance in submitting
organization to SBTI

Science Based Targets Initiative


We will ensure that the company is compliant with changing ESG regulations all the time

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