This year's Digital 2021 report showed that about 4,6 billion people around the world use the resources of the Internet. Taking into account the statistics, we spend an average of 6 hours and 54 minutes a day browsing social media such as Facebook, Instagram or Youtube.

This offers great potential for activation at an angle 👏active participation in all kinds of events. Despite the huge number of people active on the Internet, not everyone is so active at all kinds of business conferences or other types of events. It is not without reason that the organizers very often complain about "passive participation", which is limited only to listening or taking notes.

Are you wondering how you can encourage the participants of your event to actively participate?

(I.e. More and more often we are dealing with the concept of gamification, also known as gamification. What is this? It is a strategy that uses the mechanisms of the game to motivate you to take a specific action in return for rewards and acquired knowledge.

We have a solution that:

Would you like our application to be part of your event? Or to know more details?

Contact us at (I.e. or by calling the number 📲 or calling 731 218 118 for a quick, easy and high-quality service.



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