The XNUMXth edition of the Businesswoman of the Year - Success Written with Lipstick
Invitation to participate in research Ecological activities and Zero Waste in companies

We are an ecologically responsible company and we have been taking care of our planet for years. We create ecological programs
based on gamification (including: Zero Waste Excellence), in which we promote a lifestyle in the spirit of Zero Waste and help
companies to develop ecological habits among employees.

We would like to know the current level of involvement in pro-ecological activities of employers in Poland. We care
on checking the actions taken at the level of various sectors and areas in the company, both aimed at
to employees and the activities of the company itself.

We invite you to take part in the research. As a result of the conducted research, we will issue a report that will illustrate
the current situation and will help us and other interested persons to shape the further development strategy.

The survey is completely anonymous and will not take more than 10-15 minutes. The results in the form of a report will be
presented collectively.

Thank you very much in advance for participating in the survey.

The Grywit team

We prove that business is a woman!

Anna Jankowiak, the owner of Grywit, was nominated for the XNUMXth edition of the Businesswoman of the Year Success Written with Lipstick competition in the Business of the Year category.

The competition has been held invariably for 12 years, it rewards the successes of women in business and publicizes them on a national scale.
We keep our fingers crossed and wait for the final results!
#SuccessWritten with lipstick


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