Ecology and Zero Waste in Companies 2021 report

👉 As an ecologically responsible company, we have been taking care of our planet for many years. From the very beginning, we have been involved in pro-ecological activities. What exactly are we doing? Since 2017, we have been creating the Zero Waste program for companies through which we promote a lifestyle in the spirit of Zero Waste and help companies develop ecological habits among their employees. We had the pleasure to participate in the Greenpeace campaign #NoPlastic run in Gdańsk by the Clean Planet Embassy. We developed a Zero Waste audit for employees and organizations, our Zero Waste program was described in National Geographic, we ran a waste reduction project in 5 African countries (Cameroon, Senegal, Nigeria, Benin, Côte d'Ivoire) and on a daily basis the entire team tries to live in a sustainable way, save energy and act to counteract climate change.

⭐ In order to better understand the current situation and the approach of employees and companies to such activities, we have created a survey on the basis of which the report was prepared. 🤩 The study was aimed at checking the current involvement in pro-ecological and Zero Waste activities in companies. We wanted to check what the activities at the office level, organization management (green marketing), environmental education and communication look like, as well as activities (HR and EB) implemented in the direction of employees.

We encourage all interested persons to read the Ecology and Zero Wast report😊


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