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Loyalty and sales

Build a loyalty or sales program based on gamification with us! Find out more below 🙂

What exactly is gamification?

gamification (also gamification) is the use of patterns and mechanisms known from games outside the context of games, especially in various group activities, in order to increase the involvement of people performing specific tasks. The methodology is based on the pleasure that comes from overcoming attainable levels, challenges, competition, cooperation, etc. Gamification allows people to engage in activities that are in line with the project author's expectations, even if they are considered boring or routine.

Gamification is a proven method that increases motivation and makes it easier to achieve goals, and it works well in every industry - we invite you to cooperate!

Gamification is our specialty

For many years, we have been creating projects based on gamification, that is, to put it simply, on the mechanisms used in games. You can find out more by watching a short video explaining the operation of our applications.

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Use gamification to

Onboarding and / or preonboarding

Recruiting and searching for talent

Training and monitoring progress

Achieving KPI goals or implementing a new strategy

Implementation of CSR programs

Integration and employee involvement

Engagement strategies

As part of our offer, we build engagement strategies based on the company's business goals and gamification.

The strategy includes:

  • 40 hours - consultation with the Grywit team
  • Kick off 2h online workshops - needs analysis, determination of the target group (players) and planning of activities.
  • Designing a user motivation strategy (setting user goals) through gamification for a selected group. The strategy will include know-how - system knowledge, game mechanisms (e.g. feedback mechanism), gamification flow - scoring, external rewards, designing a feedback loop and an activity loop - adjusting to the operation of the platform and the business goal.

Do you want to create an engagement strategy or a dedicated gamification application with us?

We increase sales through gamification

The attitudes of customers and distributors to loyalty are changing faster than ever. Consciousness grows, and so does expectations. The new loyalty combines rational calculus with emotions and goes beyond shopping, becoming the basis of the relationship between consumers and the brand.

The report "The loyalty report 2018" shows that it is primarily the loyalty program that today builds the impression that the consumer derives from the relationship with the brand. This is declared by 71% of customers (the percentage is higher in the group consisting of the so-called millennials and amounts to 75%).

What are the benefits of a loyalty app?

Monitoring of sales transactions

The application is a significant and measurable indicator of meeting the business goals of each reseller / distributor.

Access to information materials

Databases of necessary documents at your fingertips - all information about products in one place.

Easy communication

The application on a mobile device is easy to use and allows you to send reminders about a given task to sellers / distributors, as well as information about the appearance of new products / elements.

Increasing sales through gamification

The application motivates participants to carry out training in the field of sales and expand the range of products sold.

As many as 70% of customers will recommend a given brand to their friends due to an attractive loyalty program

We create brand ambassadors and loyalty program

The most important thing in building loyalty is not transactions, but commitment and emotions. Just like in a marriage, if these two aspects are missing, the relationship will begin to break down. A loyalty program should motivate to greater involvement, not necessarily related to the transaction itself. The more non-transactional involvement with the brand, the greater the chances for better loyalty results.

Therefore, in our loyalty program based on gamification, we focus on building brand ambassadors and we strive to ensure that sellers / customers recommend the program to their friends themselves, and the sale is a pleasure. We engage emotions, expand knowledge and build the community of our program like Apple or the environment of Harley Davidson enthusiasts.

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