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The end of enrolment is still to come

Our gamification application, is aimed at your colleagues.

It will increase their level of commitment in the first month and change their habits after three months.

We obtained the titles:

"The Best of Wellbeing" and "Wellbeing Quality Certificate" for our gamification system that comprehensively supports wellbeing practices.

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Increased employee engagement

by an average of 72%

by an average of 27%

Lower turnover

by an average of 21%

Less sick leave

Benefits of taking part in the challenge

by an average of 28%

in being a sustainable development company

Supporting ESG activities

Less overtime in the company

Increased work efficiency

by an average of 68%

and Employer Branding

Promoting a positive employer image

Promoting corporate social responsibility (CSR)

All these arguments mean that working with us is not a cost, but an investment that more than pays for itself.

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The application complies with RODO guidelines

We comply with IT security and RODO requirements

We are insured against, among other things, cyber attacks

Our business is insured


Grywit guarantees


If the results and satisfaction levels of your colleagues are no higher than 70% - we will give you another three months of the licence free of charge.


We will technically prepare the application within a month of signing the contract, if we don't have time - we will get it to you free of charge!

The Wellbeing Challenge Programme is:


Access to a dedicated app (Google Play, App Store).


A programme full of tasks (to be performed in everyday life and at work), puzzles and original quizzes.


Tasks and special missions to integrate teams.


Materials exploring the theme of taking care of our health, changing our habits to be more health-friendly.


Interactive meetings (webinars, power meetings) and workshops (extra charge).


A survey of staff before and after the challenge.


Reports once a month (project statistics, participant materials).

Certificate of completion of the programme by the company.


Application branding (logo in avatar, business card

programme with your company logo in the application menu).

If you want a dedicated layout for the entire application, this is at an additional cost.


Possibility of performing an audit for employees and the organisation showing the level of fulfilment of the wellbeing principles in the company together with identification of areas for development and improvement measures (extra charge).

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