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Enjoy free two-week access to our platformfor selected employees from your organization.


It brings higher effectiveness of employees work (68% higher in average)

It creates for knowledge sharing between employees, which allows those who are less experienced to broaden their knowledge easily.

It allows for effective continuity where the absence of an employee does not affect the job. Another employee can continue by having knowledge from the app how to do that thing

It provides the opportunity for employees to be trained at less cost

Communication occurs easily on the forum among employees and also between management and employees, by push notifications on their phones

It helps to build more loyalty among employees, reducing cases of quitting.

It allows employees to share ideas which can improve processes and help companies save lots of money, cause such improvement can be implemented in whole company

This is achieved through a dedicated mobile application,which helps improve employees habits towards their tasks and activities required by the organization.

We are insured against, among other things, cyber attacks

Our business is insured

The application complies with RODO guidelines

We comply with IT security and RODO requirements

If the results and satisfaction levels of your colleagues are no higher than 70% - we will give you another three months of the licence free of charge.

We will technically prepare the application within a month of signing the contract, if we don't have time - we will get it to you free of charge!

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