Program Wellbeing Challenge is aimed at companies that want to increase their care for well-being both physical and mental your employees. Our main goal is to guide participants towards building healthy habits, finding a balance between the different spheres and roles of his life. The challenges we have created encourage change behavior be habitsfor those more for us beneficial.

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What modules does the application contain?

Eat healthy

Most of the tasks in this category are devoted to nutrition. From healthy substitutes to shaping favorable eating habits, tasks in this category provide the basis for building a healthy lifestyle.


There are simple tasks to be performed at home that help to keep the body in good shape with little effort and time, e.g. plank, high chair, neck and neck massage.


In this module you will find meetings with our experts, special tasks and checking user knowledge through quizzes and knowledge tests.

take care of your mind

A module in which we motivate to self-development (including changing habits, working on time management), taking care of your mental well-being, rest and maintaining a balance between work and private life.


We know how important it is to appreciate each other, so each participant will have the opportunity to give positive feedback and a certain number of points that will help in achieving a higher level.


A module where you can earn various types of motivating badges for earning points, activity in the application and regular performance of tasks.

Wellbeing Challenge is a challenge for company employees that aims to building healthy habits and taking care of wellbeing through the gamification mechanism.

We believe that work in which we spend a lot of time, regardless of whether we work from the office or from our own homes, can be a place friendly to our health, condition and well-being. It takes some effort and motivation, but the benefit is priceless - healthy and satisfied employees mean more efficient and effective workand by the way a chance for building a positive image employer

The Wellbeing Challenge builds pro-health habits and motivates employees to care for their well-being, supports effective time management in remote mode and encourages regular appreciation of other co-workers. Better well-being of employees, improved efficiency at work, which will translate into a reduction in sick leaves, especially long-term ones.

Social Fund

In order to implement the Wellbeing Challenge program
it is possible to use funds from the Company Social Benefits Fund.

We have received two certificates from the Wellbeing Institute for our gamification system supporting wellbeing and wellbeing practices

Real challenges

We want the challenges to have a real impact on behavior change, so we carefully select tasks together with our specialists and grade their difficulty so that employees do not get discouraged quickly.

Motivation through gamification

The application will encourage you to take up the challenge every day, and thanks to the use of gamification mechanisms, engaging you to perform tasks in the real world, the implementation of new habits will be pleasant and effective.

Building a positive image

Wellbeing Challenge supports Employer Branding activities inside and outside the organization  and may be an additional benefit for employees. We like to help, which is why our challenge includes collecting points for various charities. The exact goal and budget are to be determined.  

Improvement of the psychophysical condition and regulation of working time 

Increasing the employee's sense of stability and attachment, which results in greater involvement in everyday work, and thus positively influences the growth of the company's results. Increased energy and better regulation of working time, thanks to the challenges of time management and building priorities. 

What does the challenge look like in practice?

we drove wellbeing program "Tournament for health" dla employeesGroup VeoliaWe motivated employees to take pro-health measures and change their habits thanks to gamification. Do you want to see how we did it? Watch the video below, made by our client! 

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How long can a challenge last?

2 tygodnie

The two-week challenge is the perfect solution for shorter employee involvement, joint integration and fun for the noble goal of health. It is also a good opportunity to check whether this type of solution will work in the organization. A short challenge will work on the occasion of, for example, New Year or upcoming holidays.

1 miesiąc

Within a month, we are able to instill new habits (on average, they develop after 21 days). A month of challenges is a good idea to delve deeper into Wellbeing and employee health. The monthly challenge may be accompanied by slightly more valuable rewards that will increase your motivation!

Any length

Do you want to organize the challenge in a different time dimension? Write to us and we will certainly create an interesting program for you, tailored to your length. And if you want to introduce Wellbeing to i you care about sustainability we encourage you to check our program Wellbeing Excellencewhich will surely meet your needs 🙂

Are you interested in our challenge?


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