Event applications

Do you need a tool to support your event? Do you think about involving the participants in an unusual way? See what we offer!

Training applications

Make learning fun and innovative. Get to know our solution that improves the acquisition of knowledge and allows you to monitor training effects.

Event application

The application can be used during various types of events, conferences, employee integration, fairs or anniversaries.

The tool is based on gamification mechanisms that increase the involvement of conference participants. There are various modules filled in in the application challenges that participants can perform both offline and online and modules such as, for example, Selfiaki, Speakers' Golden Thoughts, as well as the module responsible for feedback.

The application can be used both during online and offline events.

We also implement gamification projects based on an application for children and teenagers.

We have already been with our application

Training, offline conference 2019

HR Camp, offline conference, 2020

Ty brand, online conference, 2020

The BEST of Wellbeing, online conference, 2020

Check Point <SECURE> Poland (online) 2020

Innoshare University (online), 2020

PMU Gold (offline) 2020

My benefit (online) 2020

Use the event app to

Integration of conference participants (networking)

Provide all relevant information about the event

Increase engagement through challenges

Promotion of the event and partners

Rewarding participants for commitment

Contact with participants during, before and after the conference

Application price

Grywit event application - 1 event
from 7950 Buy
The price depends on: the number of conference service days,
number of participants, amount of materials, additional functions and scope of service.
As part of the application subscription you get:
  • access to the event application for the organizer and participants for the duration of the event
  • a package of tasks for the event tailored to the nature of the event
  • task handling (verification) and adding tasks by Grywit (it is possible to implement dedicated tasks ordered by the organizer)
  • graphic service and creating a dedicated layout consistent with the branding of the event
  • event report (polls, photos, comments)
  • help desk

we guarantee

flexible tool

Our multi-module solution has unlimited development possibilities. Need a new feature that we don't currently have? We will write!

quick implementation

We know how valuable time is, that's why we commit 100% to creating your tool and we are ready to act quickly.

Matched content

Business conference, outdoor integration for employees, online event for children? No problem, we will adapt the content to your event.

The Grywit application is a perfect solution for any event. It will work well during conferences, fairs, anniversaries or corporate integration.

The application can be personalized for your conference in terms of content and appearance. The cooperation includes Grywit on-site and offline help desk support, as well as a short introduction at the beginning with an explanation of the application and the rules of the game.

Additionally, the application activates participants through various types of scored and thematic tasks, quizzes on speeches / stands / partners. It encourages networking through networking tasks, e.g. talk to a person you have not met in person so far / take a selfie with a speaker / with a selected stand / the most inspiring quote from the event. Organizer advertises through high-score tasks requiring, for example, sharing a photo taken at a conference with the conference marked with #.

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Training application

The training application is a tool to be used both during and after training. Here, we focus primarily on engaging training participants based on gamification and consolidating the acquired knowledge after the training.

The application can be used during various types of training, both several-hour, one-day, several-day, cyclical and up to several monthly or even annual training programs.

The tool is based on gamification mechanisms that increase the involvement of training participants. The application can be used both during online and offline training.

Use the training app for

Monitoring commitment and progress

Collecting training needs

Increase your commitment

Brand promotion and increased training sales

Change your habits and learn new content

Communication with training participants

What are the benefits of gamification in training?

Makes learning fun and interactive

Regardless of your audience and theme, gamification of learning can help create engaging, educational, and entertaining content. Gamification drives human commitment and elements of competition add motivation and can make learning fun.

It is addictive to learning and development

If you had to define a single most important learning goal, it would certainly be instilling new knowledge in your students. The benefit of gamification in learning is the natural "high" it can give us and the impact it can maintain knowledge. When our brain wants to reward us, it releases dopamine into our bodies, so when we win a game or achieve something important to us, we feel good.

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